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July 29, 2016
Foundry Concert Club CLEVELAND
with PAVERS, Public Squares, Restless Habs
7-29-16 Flier

May 4, 2013
Spitfire Saloon CLEVELAND
5-4-13 Flyer

December 15, 2006,
Jigsaw Saloon and Stage, Parma, OH.
with This Is Exploding, The Story Changes
12-15-06 Flyer

January 14, 2006,
Jigsaw Saloon and Stage, Parma, OH.
with This Is Exploding, Machine Go Boom
1-14-05 Flyer

September 17, 2005,
Oldfield's On High, Columbus, Ohio
with Peachbones, Brown Notes

March 26, 2005,
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH.
with This Is Exploding, Tricked By Nixon, The Lovekill, The Quickening
3-26-05 Flyer

September 4, 2004
Pat's In The Flats, Cleveland, OH.
with Motel Blonde, JJ Magazine, Blatant Finger, Dreadful Yawns, New Planet Trampoline, Flat Can Co.,
9-4-04 Flyer

July 30, 2004
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH.
with This Is Exploding, Exo

July 1, 2004
Pat's In The Flats, Cleveland, OH.
with Flat Stanley, Born to Lose
7-1-04 Flyer

May 29, 2004
AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen, GERMANY
with Schrottgrenze, The Plastics
5-29-04 Flyer

May 27, 2004
Backstage Club, Saint Saulve, FRANCE
with Gingerbread (fr), Nothing for Free (fr), Hush Sever (belgium)
5-27-04 Flyer

May 26, 2004
La Mine, Beauvais, France
5-26-04 Flyer

May 25, 2004
JH Animoro, Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium.
with Innerface
5-25-04 Flyer

May 24, 2004
Scandia Bar, Hamburg, GERMANY
with Varones
5-24-04 Flyer

May 23, 2004
De Engel, Den Helder, Netherlands
5-23-04 Flyer

May 22, 2004
The Verge, London, UK
with Blocko, Salt Union, LunaSuit
5-22-04 Flyer

May 21, 2004
Community Center, Guildford, UK
with Pickled Dick, Blacklisted, Stowic, Whose Army
5-21-04 Flyer

May 20, 2004
The Portland Arms, Cambridge, UK
with 8 Lives Left, End It On This
5-20-04 Flyer

May 19, 2004
The Jockey, Wakefield, UK
with Dina, Drag Cars Drive Too Fast
5-19-04 Flyer

May 18, 2004
The Talbot, Stoke, UK
with Drag Cars Drive Too Fast, May 16
5-18-04 Flyer

May 16, 2004
Rockers, Glasgow, UK
with Barefoot, Cherrykicks
5-16-04 Flyer

May 15, 2004
King Alfreds, Southampton, UK
with Mihoen, Makiladoras
5-15-04 Flyer

May 14, 2004
Free Butt, Brighton, UK
with Mihoen, Makiladoras
5-14-04 Flyer

Feb 20, 2004
Grog Shop, Cleveland Hts, OH.
with Fun Machine and This Is Exploding
2-20-04 Flyer

January 17, 2004
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH.
with Marky Ramone and Friends

January 2, 2004
Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH.
with Manda and the Marbles and the New Wave.
1-2-04 Flyer

December 12, 2003
Pirates Cove, Cleveland, OH.
with User, Self Destruct Button, Chrome Kickers, Machine Go Boom
12-12-03 Flyer

November 1, 2003
31st St. Pub, Pittsburgh, PA
with The Milwaukees, Luca Brazi

August 8, 2003
Phantasy Nite Club, Cleveland, Ohio.
with Down By Law, Pseudo Heroes, Toothfuzz, rubber Cement
08-08-03 Flyer

July 12, 2003
Pat's In The Flats, Cleveland, OH.
with Curse Of The and The Story Changes
07-12-03 Flyer

July 6, 2003
Echo Base
with Pavers, The Fun Machine and Reno Divorce.
07-06-03 Flyer

June 28, 2003
STOCKAGE 2003. The Starlight, Ft. Collins, CO.
with ALL, The Last, Philthy Sanchez, Bill The Welder, Hagfish, Kowalskis, Speed of Sound, Sus Madres, The Medic, Brooklawn
Stockage 03' Poster

May 3, 2003
Superdan's Basement
with On and Fun Machine

April 12, 2003
Cafe No Mans Land, Dudelange, Luxembourg.
with Everest and Narayan
04-12-03 FLYER

April 11, 2003
Guildford Youth and Community Center, Guildford, England, UK
with Pickled Dick and Hooray for Me
04-11-03 FLYER

April 10, 2003
The Jockey, Wakefield, UK
with The Cribs and Dugong
04-10-03 FLYER

April 9, 2003
Drouthie Neebors, Dundee, Scotland, UK
with Barefoot and The Ritalins
04-09-03 FLYER

April 8, 2003
The Stereo Bar, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
with Barefoot and The Cherrykicks
04-08-03 FLYER

April 5, 2003
The Market Tavern, Birmingham, England, UK
with Benny, Stuntface, Hacksaw, Eastfield, General Winter
04-05-03 FLYER

April 4, 2003
Oz Bar, Cardiff, Wales, UK
with Nozzle, Shaped by Fate
04-04-03 FLYER

April 3, 2003
Cavern Club, Exeter, England, UK
with Farse, Schism

April 2, 2003
King Alfred, Southampton, England, UK
with Pilger, No Substance
04-02-03 FLYER

April 1, 2003
Camden Digwells, London, England, UK
with Blocko, K-Line, Hot Action Cop

March 31, 2003
The Peel, Kingston, England, UK
with econoline, K-Line, Skirtbox
03-31-03 FLYER

March 30, 2003
The Star, Guildford, England, UK
with K-Line, Strobe 45, Complex gsl.
03-30-03 FLYER

March 29, 2003
Tremplin Rock regional de Mouy, FRANCE
with Lagony, Notepok, Mauvaises Graines, Tounga Darwa System, Kullwad, Telemaque Meyer, Ashura
03-29-03 FLYER

March 28, 2003
De Nartist, Temse, Belgium

March 23, 2003
Frontline, Gent, BELGIUM
with Demzel, Plan 9
03-23-03 FLYER

March 22, 2003
JC Muuzaaike, Tessenderlo, Belgium
with Plan 9, Against Time, No Children, Room With A View
03-22-03 FLYER

March 8, 2003
Phantasy Nite Club, Lakewood, OH.
Imperial March Music Fest
with Sidecar, The Fun Machine, Johnnie 3, The Fiendz, Redline, Interns, Cypher, White Van Scam, Cleft, This Island Earth, Party Wreckers, Jacknife Powerbombs.
03-08-03 FLYER

January 11, 2003
VFW Hall, Cleveland, OH.
with Sidecar, Pavers (sorta), Dreyfus and The Fun Machine.
01-11-03 FLYER

September 27, 2002
Agora, Cleveland, OH.
with Suicide Machines and Coffinberry

September 19, 2002
Peabody's, Cleveland, OH.
with The Vibrators, The Vacancies, The Narcoleptics x5, The Undecided, Fester on Acid, Broadview Gutters, The Missions
9-19-02 FLYER

September 13, 2002
Rise, Springfield, IL.
with Gunga Dins, Waste of Time
9-13-02 FLYER

September 12, 2002
Hi Fi Club, Lakewood, OH.
with Flatus and Coffinberry
9-12-02 FLYER

August 28, 2002
The Spot, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.

August 2, 2002
Phantasy Nite Club, Lakewood, OH.
2002 Punk Fest with a ton of bands including:

July 22, 2002
Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH.
with Dick Dastardlys and Broken Society
7-22-02 FLYER

July 6, 2002
HI FI CLUB, Lakewood. OH.
with Travoltas, Sewing with Nancie, Nuclear Saturday, Off By One
7-6-02 FLYER

June 7, 2002
Smedleys Bar, Cleveland, Oh.
with Venus in Flames, Knockouts

June 1, 2002
Pats in the Flats, Cleveland, OH.
with Perfect Guy, Dreyfus, Miss Lonelyheart
6-1-02 FLYER

May 4, 2002
Hi Fi Club, Lakewood, OH.
with Pavers, Sidecar, Charlevoix
5-4-02 FLYER

April 13 and 14th, 2002
STOCKAGE '02, Ft Collins, Colorado at the Starlight
with ALL, Descendents, Wretch Like Me, Pavers, Ultimate Fakebook, Gunga Dins, Fifth Business, Black Brick Kiss, Cheaper than Crack, Mary Chasers, Tabula Rasa, Mine, 5 Star Crush, Deviltones, Reno Divorce, Bill The Welder, Someday I, Drag the River, Endwell, Nice Life, Abandon All Hope, The Last, Mustion, A Day in the Life, Losers Beat Winners, Goon Squad, Leghorn, Lawndarts, Tension Wire, Hook in Mouth Disease, Armchair Martian, Armstrong.

April 5, 2002
Phantasy Nite Club, Lakewood, OH.
with Sidecar, Milksop, A Little Off, Fun Machine, No Cause, Up to Par

April 4, 2002
The Revolution, Cleveland, OH.
with Flatus, Dodgeball, Crash of 59

March 15, 2002
The Revolution, Cleveland, OH.
with Stepsister, Pride of Ohio, the GC5
3-15-02 FLYER

March 3, 2002
The Grog Shop, Cleveland Hts, OH.
with Agent Orange and Dexter Romweber
3-3-02 FLYER

February 15, 2002
Smedleys Bar, Cleveland, OH.
with Blutos Revenge and Harness

February 8, 2002
Hi Fi Club, Lakewood, OH.
with Lords of the Highway, Dick Dastardlys, Machine Gun Mary
2-8-02 FLYER

February 2, 2002
Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY.
with Pavers, Eddie Nebula and the Plague, Spacefaring Able
2-2-02 FLYER

December 31, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with Perfect Guy, 9 Shocks Terror, Beckett and Friends, Brian Straw

December 29, 2001
Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY.
with Pavers, Eddie Nebula and the Plague, Spacefaring Able. SNOWED OUT!
12-29-01 FLYER

December 14, 2001
Grog Shop, Cleveland Hts., OH.
with Perfect Guy, Sounder Red Giant
12-14-01 FLYER

November 15, 2001
Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH.
with Big Wig, Brand New, F-Minus, Rise Against, Reunion Show
11-15-01 FLYER

November 13, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with the Pavers and Reno Divorce
11-13-01 FLYER

October 6, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with Dead Blue Hand
10-6-01 FLYER

August 31, 2001
Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH.
with Sidecar and A Planet for Texas
8-31-01 FLYER

August 27, 2001
Luckeys, Lafayette, IN.
with Hubcap

August 25, 2001
Creepy Crawl, ST LOUIS, MO.
with River City High, Fracture, Lack Halo, Painscale, Blood Red, Love Lost, Take Zero, E Backwards E

August 24, 2001
Backwaters, QUINCY, IL.
with Jonny 7
8-24-01 FLYER

August 23, 2001
with Rod and the Jackalopes
8-23-01 FLYER

August 20, 2001
Continental Club, NEW YORK, NY.
with Lift 6 18, No Allegiance, Hector, Insidious Rays, Worse
8-20-01 FLYER

August 18, 2001
the Bug Jar, ROCHESTER, NY.
with Veluxe and Dead Blue Hand
8-18-01 FLYER

August 1, 2001
Phantasy Nite Club, Lakewood, OH.
with Starting Line, No Cause, Agent Felix, Whoopie Cushion, RX Bandits, One Step Behind, Nosedive, Punchline, Skooner, Vacancies, The Atomix, Bottle Rocket, 9 to 5 , Second Alias, Know It All, Signoffs and Bottom Line
8-1-01 FLYER

July 19, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with Pavers and Woolworthy
7-19-01 FLYER

June 19, 2001
The Rhythm Room, Cleveland Hts, OH.
with No Cause, Sparechange00 and Nosedive
6-19-01 FLYER

June 2, 2001
The State Street Tavern, ERIE, PA.
with the Assmen, Mollies and Flatline 99
6-2-01 FLYER

June 1, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with the Assmen and Phylum Idiota
6-1-01 FLYER

May 3, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with The Peabodys, Ruth's Hat and the Interns
5-3-01 FLYER

April 28, 2001
with Dead Blue Hand, and The Ultimatics
4-28-01 FLYER

April 24, 2001
Blind Lemon, Cleveland, OH.
with the Vibrators, Standing 69s and 7-10 split
4-24-01 FLYER

April 19, 2001
Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH.
with none, they all cancelled.

March 23, 2001
Bottom Line Saloon, Cleveland, OH.
with AAK and AFO
3-23-01 FLYER

January 27, 2001
Blind Lemon, Cleveland OH.
with Sidecar, The Interns and Apocalypse Hoboken
1-27-01 FLYER

January 13, 2001
Corktown Tavern, HAMILTON, ONTARIO.
with On A Dare and ZFN Flyswatter
1-13-01 FLYER

January 12, 2001
Planet Kensington, TORONTO, ONTARIO.
with Jerkbank

12-30-00    Bottom Line Saloon, Cleveland, OH. with FedUp and Hostile Omish. FLYER
12-20-00    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH. with ROD, The Scrubs and Bullshit. FLYER
10-30-00    Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH. with the Teen Idols, The Gamits and The Atomix. FLYER
10-28-00    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH. as ALLROYS REVENGE (as ALL) with Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. FLYER
8-20-00    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH. with Dirt Bike Annie, The Ergs and The Proms.FLYER
8-11-00    Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH with ROD, The Kowalskis and Manges. POP ART RELEASED.FLYER
7-17-00    LONDON, ENGLAND, Underworld with Scarper, Annalise, Dead Inside. FLYER
7-16-00    BRIGHTON, ENGLAND, Free Butt with Scarper! and AnnaliseFLYER
7-15-00    BRADFORD, ENGLAND, 1 in 12 club all day festFLYER
7-13-00    LEVEN, SCOTLAND, McPhails with Six Pac Cac and BovineFLYER
7-12-00    LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, Slaughterhouse with Bobafett, Dina
7-11-00    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, Star and Garter with Scarper! and 2 others
7-10-00    NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND, Hockley Hills Inn, with Scarper! and Luna Suit
7-9-00    WINCHESTER, ENGLAND, Railway Inn with Scarper!, Analbeard, Skin of Tears, Capdown,scuttleFLYER
7-8-00    BOSTON, ENGLAND, Indian Queen with Scarper!, 2 othersFLYER
7-7-00    SCUNTHORPE, ENGLAND, Lincoln Imp with Scarper!
7-6-00    HULL, ENGLAND, The Adelphi with Scarper!
6-30-00    Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH with Teen Idols, Sidecar, Stepsister, Rumblers.FLYER
6-29-00    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, OH with Proteens and LynnwoodsFLYER
5-20-00    Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH with Blutos Revenge and Eternal Struggle.
4-15-00    CINCINNATI, OH, The Buzz, with The Scrubs, DropkickmeJesus, East Arcadia FLYER
3-29-00    Blind Lemon, with THE PAVERS and WRETCH LIKE MEFLYER
3-4-00    Phantasy Nite Club. w/benttwigs, angels tangle
2-4-00    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland with Sidecar, SpareChange FLYER
12-15-99    Blind Lemon,Lakewood,OH with ROD, Someday I, Signoffs, Gold Circle.FLYER
12-12-99    JACKSONVILLE, IL, The Grounds Cybercafe. with ROD, Early August
12-11-99    SPRINGFIELD,IL, The Asylum, with ROD, Early August FLYER
12-10-99    MUNCIE,IN., Stevie Rays House of Wax with ROD and the Viscosities
11-24-99    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland w/SIDECAR and the Hit Squad. FLYER
9-29-99    Speak In Tongues, Cleveland, w/Brandston, the Movielife, god hates kansas FLYER
9-11-99    Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH. w/The Aggrivators.
9-4-99    Phantasy Nite Club, Cleveland w/ruff road,angels tangle, md benefit
8-28-99    Speak In Tongues, Cleve. w/ROD. Disarm FLYER
8-27-99    MEADVILLE, PA. Meadville Township Center w/ROD
8-20-99    Radio Appearance on WBWC 88.3FM Berea, OH.
7-22-99    Speak In Tongues, Clevo, w/Dead End Cruisers, Hymans, Scrubs FLYER
7-19-99    Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH. w/DOWN BY LAW FLYER
7-18-99    Blind Lemon, Lakewood, OH w/Sidecar, West Beverly.
7-10-99    DAYTON,OH. Club Safari w/Sidecar, The Outrights, Real Boy Genius.
7-2-99    FRANKLIN, PA. Sandy Creek Firehall w/ROD, Sparechange FLYER
7-1-99    The Attic, Medina, OH w/ROD, The Flukes, Freekin Conniptions FLYER
5-15-99    JCP Stage w/Kwacks, SDWB, Hitsquad, Junking Theory
5-1-99    Speak In Tongues w/ROD, Thumbtack, Hepburn
3-23-99    Speak In Tongues w/Operation Cliff Clavin, Bonzai, Joshua Tree
2-20-99    Phantasy Nite Club MDA Benfit, "Still Unknown" Released FLYER
12-20-98    Speak In Tongues w/ROD, Midway FLYER FLYER 2
11-21-98    DAYTON,OH. w/ROD, Sidecar, Boy GeniusFLYER
11-7-98    Speak In Tongues w/Wretch Like Me, Armchair MartianFLYER
10-29-98    WRUW Live studio broadcast.
9-18-98    DAYTON,OH. w/ROD, Boy Genius
9-17-98    EVANSVILLE, IN. w.Retros, Gasgusslers FLYER
9-16-98    SPRINGFIELD,IL. The Asylum
9-14-98    IOWA CITY, IA. Gabe's Oasis w/Fiendz, Girl Trouble FLYER
9-13-98    CHICAGO, IL. Fireside Bowl w/Fiendz,Peter and Test Tube Babies,others
9-11-98    BLOOMINGTON, IN. House w/ROD, Slingshot Episode
9-10-98    MUNCIE,IN. Stevie Ray's w/ROD
9-9-98    Speak In Tongues w/Fiendz, Cripplekid.FLYER
8-26-98    Speak In Tongues w/PEZZ FLYER
8-9-98    JCP stage w/The Conservatives, Spitfires
7-15-98    JCP Stage w/High Strung FLYER
6-20-98    Symposium w/Hadjis Fruit Basket.
6-18-98    Speak In Tongues w/Cripple Kid & Dumas Band FLYER
6-5-98    Phantasy Nite Club w/Fun Size & The ParasitesFLYER
4-23-98    Grog Shop w/The Figgs, Kelli Green and CypherFLYER
4-16-98    Speak In Tongues w/ Sarge, Caramel, Franklin FLYER
4-4-98    KIRTLAND, OH. Kirtland Grange w/Puncture Wound
3-29-98    Speak In Tongues w/Kid With Man Head & Ranier Maria FLYER
1-16-98    Phantasy Nite Club w/Hadji's Fruit BasketFLYER
12-19-97    Speak In Tongues w/All American Kids Club FLYER
11-8-97    FORT WAYNE, IN at the Sportsman w/Skavosis.
11-4-97    La Pieta w/Discount FLYER
10-29-97     Euclid Tavern w/Whatever,Jon Cougar Con Camp,Pezz,Brand New Unit, Pinhead CircusFLYER
9-12-97    JCP Stage w/COA and Machine Gun TV FLYER
8-22-97    AKRON, OH. at the Daily Double w/The Fiendz, Revolvers & Lude Boy. FLYER
7-9-97    Phantasy Nite Club w/Nimrods,Cripplekid & Snarkout BoysFLYER
6-21-97    CLIFTON, NJ Connections w/The Fiendz & Kid With Man Head
3-22-97    Westlake High School w/Ghoti Hook, The Insiderz
3-15-97    Symposium w/Lazarus Go Home,Phoundation
3-8-97    Phantasy Nite Club w/FYP, Proms and Whatever...FLYER
2-15-97    Annabelle's Akron, OH w/Nimrods and Mickey's Kids FLYER
12-22-96    Peabody's Down Under ARA Benefit w/Nimrods and others....
12-7-96    AKRON, OH w/Nimrods, tkos, willis, cd truth, kill the hippies, proms, mickeys kids. Mike's lastFLYER
11-15-96    EVANSVILLE, IN w/Mock Orange & Caramel Sun FLYER
10-5-96    LIMA, OH punk picnic with Fiendz, stoics
10-4-96    Syposium w/The FiendzFLYER
9-27-96    Phantasy Nite Club w/Pudding and FruitFLYER
8-15-96    Chenga World skate park w/Dreyfus & Daybreak FLYER
7-20-96    Euclid Tavern w/Strung Out & Diesel Boy Brian's first show FLYER
3-22-96    Difiores w/Dreyfus, neutral. FLYER
3-16-96    Symposium CD Release party for Rocket Pop w/SolFLYER
2-19-96    Euclid Tavern w/Mr T. Experience & The Nimrods
2-17-96    Derry Theatre Derry,PA w/Pensive, Crank Radio
2-9-96    Difiores w/Dreyfus & Roswells FLYER
1-6-96    La Pieta w/Big New Plaid & KamandiFLYER
9-9-95    BUFFALO NY, Club KC w/Daybreak FLYER
7-14-95    Phantasy Nite Club w/Trash Brats & Road VulturesFLYER
6-17-95    BARBERTON, OH Vertzine house
4-15-95    Speak In Tongues w/The Fiendz & Beatnik Termites FLYER
4-7-95    Phantasy Nite Club w/Mormons, Snotrockets
3-31-95    BUFFALO, NY. Villa Maria College, W/daybreak, dreyfus, fatboy
1-27-95    Speak In Tongues w/Keresene 454, Samuel & Grain
11-26-94    Speak In Tongues w/Dreyfus Chris and Thom's First Show
5-20-94    Undercurrents-Brother's Lounge FLYER
12-28-93    Peabody's w/Whatever
9-4-93    Flash's
8-15-93    CHICAGO, IL, No Palace Studio w/judge nothing, deconstruction, walking ruinsFLYER
8-13-93    DETROIT, MI, The Impound, W/dirt merchants
8-11-93    COLUMBUS, OH, Freakin Pizza, with johnny deformedFLYER
8-7-93    SALISBURY, MD, 705 Club .
8-5-93    NEW YORK, NY...The Underworld,
7-23-93    Bike competition American Funland
7-9-93    Phantasy Nite Club with duvalby bros and supie t
7-1-93    Bike competition American Funland
6-27-93    Almost Hennessey's
6-16-93    Hennesey's w/Group Therapy, jim hat, vigodas
5-8-93    Flash's w/Hostile Omish, fly trap tribe, the fev
3-27-93    Flash's w/Lucy Brown & A lesser Squid
2-6-93    Flash's
12-23-92    Flash's w/Secret Agents, duvalby bros.
11-4-92    KSU Rathskellar w/The Fiendz
10-31-92     Halloween Party Cleveland
10-16-92     Flash's w/Jerico Turnpike, ronald koal and the messiah factory, deadline
8-14-92    Flash's w/Worm Food, thumper inc.
7-18-92    WRUW Studio-a-rama with beatnik termites, unrest, preferable sect, circle of willis, screwtractor, bluto's revenge, 4 coyotes, the rest.
7-3-92    Flash's with secret agents, zen butcher, thumper inc, one beat off
5-6-92    KSU Battle of the Bands
4-23-92    KSU Rathskellar w/Verrucose
3-14-92    Berea High Benefit
3-6-92    CANTON, OH Garaux Hall w/One Beat Off, Some Kinda Scream
12-29-91    Peabody's DownUnder w/Andersun Council, Thumper Inc, Coinmonster
12-27-91    CANTON, OH Garaux Hall with Fate, Paisley Custard, Abandoned Prayer, Sugar Engine
12-6-91    Kent State U Rathskellar
11-29-91    Dancin' w/One Beat Off
11-16-91    Westlake Battle of the Bands IV w/one beat off(1st)
10-4-91    Phantasy Nite Club w/8-Ball Mike Vaughn's first Show
8-2-91    Phantasy Theatre w/Mr. Sensible
7-6-91    Phantasy Theatre "Jam for Independence" w/one beat off, sosumi, sockeye, floyd band, hucklebuck
6-23-91    Peabody's
5-9-91    Flash's w/Circle of Soul
4-28-91    Peabody's Down Under w/Spineriders,Others,Neonothing,ThumperInc.TICKET STUB
3-2-91    Avon Lake Battle of the Bands III (1st)
11-10-90    Amherst Battle of the Bands (2nd)
11-9-90    Westlake Battle of the Bands III (1st) Wayne's first show
6-17-90    Carrie Hotz's going away party w/FFS
6-9-90    The Blue Circle w/Owen Boogy Trio
5-19-90    The Artichoke w/Rednecks in Pain & Radiation Sickness
4-28-90     St. Ignatius Battle of the Bands
3-23-90     St. Augustine Battle of the Bands
3-3-90    Avon Lake Battle of the Bands (3rd)

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